Monday, January 25, 2010

What to cook today?

This is one of the worst questions I ask myself every single day ...
I also ask my husband, I call my mom and ask her....and keep wondering.."what to cook today?"
My Husband never never gave an answer for this question, he just say: "whatever you want"....
I open the fridge, the freezer the cupboards...again and again and again...

If I am not in mood for cooking i make rice with tuna....lentils or open a can of baked beans...
But the same question will appear the next day...."what to cook today"??????

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

50 Things to know about me....

1. I will be 30 in a week. stressful
2.My baby girl is 10 months and 3 weeks. She is noisy.
3.My husband is 31 years old. He's a workoholic
4.I have a 9 year old persian cat that loves sleeping all day long and has an imaginary friend!!!!
5. I speak 4 languages fluently.
6.I have been struggling with my weight since I was 12.
7.I love going to the grocery store.
8.My mom thinks that I am still 15.
9.I love listening to radio and never bought a cd because i hate listening to the same things over and over again.
10.Never watch a movie twice.
11.My favourite show is friends.
12.Love Oprah
13.I don't drink coffee but love its smell
14.I have to get a 8 hour sleep a day.
15.I love traveling...
16.I have no favourite color
17.I cook really quickly
18.I hate loud music.
19. Love food
20.Hate people always pretending they are happy.
21.As a teen my room was a mess, now I can't stand anyhting messy.
22.When I am in bad mood i tend to clean.
23.Hate too much light.
24.My favourite season is Fall.
25.Love rainy days.
26.I would love to visit the U.S.A
27.I feel cold most of the time.
28.My mom is the kindest person I've ever met.
29.My little girl has the most beatiful smile that makes me melt
30.My husband never changes his opinion.
31.I hate book-keeping.
32.I wish I studied to be a chef
33.Love Nigella Lawson
34.Love cooking ,hate baking
35.I cry alot
36.I am impatient
37.I hate throwing my old clothes
38. I can be very loud when I'm angry
39.If I was American ,i would have voted to Obama
40. I am the older of 3 sisters
41. I love high heels but can't walk wearing them
42. I would love to have at least 3 kids
43.I lived in 4 different countries
44. have 2 nationalities
45.I have so many things i want to do before i die
46.I have a tattoo on my finger
47.Inever eat peas
48. I started hating tomatoes 2 years ago and I realised that both my sisters hate them too
49.I love salty things more that sweet
50.I take a list to the grocery store but ............... I tend to but anything else but the things in the list

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My first post

Hi all,

I finished watching Julie & Julia (meryl streep was great), and i got the idea of creating a blog..any one watched the movie? I loved Julia child and disliked Julie...she had no opinion of he own,,, she was like droven by Julia and everything in her life was connected to Julia, whatever she did , Whatever she said and even whatever she wore.......

So, let me tell you about me.... im 29 years old, married and have a wonderful 10 month baby girl.. for now i am a stay at home mom...Really tough job to do.

I have a great family, mom, dad, 2 loud sisters, aunt, uncle, 2 cousines not that loud, grandmom, and more uncles, aunts and more cousines......we gather every now and then and it gets really loud and noisy...

we alllllll love's like our hobby.... we love tasting new recipes ....Forgot to say thatI loveeeeeeee cooking, it's something i realised 6-7 years years ago when I was abroad studying....

I have nothing to say now...

Have a nice day everyone